During my career as a signwriter I have been involved with some exciting and rewarding restoration projects, more recent that have been carried out are:

In August 2019 we were approached to re-instate the Licence notice in a doorway in South Pertherton.

Above is the licence before we re-instated it, it took quite a bit of thinking about to work out the original lettering, as it had been over-written at some point and the very first lettering was showing through and confusing what was left for us to work with.

In 2018 we had the opportunity to restore the signwriting on a Bath stone gate post.


1915 W Redman Market Cart

In February 2017 we were approached by the South West Heritage trust, to carry out the signwriting on a 1915 W Redman Market Cart restoration for the Somerset Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury.

Once the physical restoration had been carried out by Greg and his team at “Mike Rowland & Son Wheelwrights & Coachbuilders” in Colyton Devon, we collected the tailboard and brought it to our workshop to signwrite, once this was completed we made the trip to Greg’s workshop to signwrite the headboard which can not be removed from the cart.

Headboard before restoration
Tailboard before restoration
Headboard after restoration
Tailboard after restoration

Limpley Stoke Roll of Honour Memorial Board

Before its restoration the Roll of Honour board was looking very tired and in very poor condition, the vase holder also being rotten. The board was removed and returned to my workshop, tracings of all the lettering taken, to ensure authenticity and the correct style of font was used, the board was then repaired sanded, a new vase holder made and installed the complete board then coated with several coats of specialist oil, the tracings transferred onto the restored board, and signwritten with enamels and gold leaf.









After completion and re-installation


Clevedon Friary War Memorial

The board was removed and returned to the workshop, tracings of the lettering and layout were taken. The board was then taken to a specialist joiner for a new plaque to be made and fitted, the new plaque is of timber with a birds eye oak veneer, along with new dark oak side, top and bottom  trims, and the remainder of the board was cleaned and oiled and re-lettered.

Clevedon Friary before

Before above and below completed and reinstated 

Lampert and Sons 1943 Hay Wagon

This 1943 Hay Wagon was originally purchased new by E.H.Canvin of Somerton. After many years lying forgotten in a barn it was rescued and restored by the purchasers grandson, and we were then asked to carry out the lettering and lining on it to complete the restoration:

e h canvin trailer
This is how the wagon looked once it had been rescued from the barn
E H Canvin farmhouse
The completed wagon