Florence Ferne

Based in the beautiful Cheddar Valley, we are two artisans Carole and Paul who enjoy keeping our traditional woodworking skills and Sign-writing techniques alive.

It all began in 2020 during lock-down. Inspired by the need for somewhere to keep our own keys, we searched the internet for an unusual key holder, which was either bright and cheerful or rustic and country inspired, finding nothing we really liked. Paul decided to see what reclaimed materials he had kicking around the workshop, this led to his first attempt “the bone shaped key holder” after positive feedback from family and friends, production began, and so Florence Ferne came to be.

We derive our designs from our outdoor rural lifestyle and take inspiration from the environment and nature around us especially when we are out walking on the beautiful Mendip Hills above our home.

Each piece is cut freehand, then sanded. making each one unique, so there will never be two the same, each piece is stained or painted depending on the wood used and finally traditionally hand painted with signwriters enamel.

We have many more ideas for other designs and products which we hope will be available during 2022

Finally we named this, our sister business, after our 4-year-old cat Flo and the animal sanctuary that she was rescued by.